Raves from fans:

"Oh, the crowds were thick in the brick and mortar venue where the Minstrels did their deed. Thank you for allowing us to Wonder Aloud and go Living In The Past! A musical and theatrical hat trick of talent." - Steve Goldsher, Proprietor, Hawks And Reed Performing Arts Center

"Unbelievably good!" - Phil Hirschi, cellist, The Mahavishnu Orchestra

"Super cool, amazingly talented...mind-boggling!" -Jamie Glaser, guitarist, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, The Manhattan Transfer

“Astonishing…compelling…Chris is incomparable.” - Col. Cady Coleman, 3-time ISS astronaut and friend of Jethro Tull

Audience Reactions:

"Absolutely ASTOUNDING!! You were ON FIRE last night! You and your band paid such a dedicated tribute to Tull - my father and uncle (huge Tull/Anderson fans) were speechless and you made a convert out of me as well!"

"It was a great show....covered all the bases and I was amazed because the amount of time and effort you guys put in to pull this off really was evident. Two hours of Tull! Well done!"

"It sounded - and maybe just as importantly, FELT like we were at an actual Tull concert - and I've seen them over 30 times.  Incredible.  Bravo boys!"

"You were amazing...fun, funny, sexy. I hadn’t had that much fun in a month of Sundays…. Uh well, actually, a couple of years worth of Sundays, Fridays too! It was just great to see your full range of talent on display.  A tour de force!"

"Please pass along our immense kudos to Chris and team for an AMAZING evening!! I think Ian Anderson would be impressed and honored by Chris’ talents. Can’t wait for the next show!!"

“You know, I thought I didn’t even like Jethro Tull…my husband made me go with him…halfway through with my jaw on my lap I turned to him and said, “Who ARE these guys?”  I’ve never been so impressed with ANY band, awesome musicianship all around and Chris is a phenomenon…and a consummate entertainer in the bargain.  I’m a Minstrels and Tull fan, now!”