Raves from fans:

"Oh, the crowds were thick in the brick and mortar venue where the Minstrels did their deed. Thank you for allowing us to Wonder Aloud and go Living In The Past! A musical and theatrical hat trick of talent." - Steve Goldsher, Proprietor, Hawks And Reed Performing Arts Center

"Unbelievably good!" - Phil Hirschi, The Mahavishnu Orchestra

“Astonishingly talented…compelling…Chris is incomparable.” - Col. Cady Coleman, 3-time ISS astronaut and friend of Jethro Tull

Audience Reactions:

"Absolutely ASTOUNDING!! You were ON FIRE last night! You and your band paid such a dedicated tribute to Tull - my father and uncle (huge Tull/Anderson fans) were speechless and you made a convert out of me as well!"

"It was a great show....covered all the bases and I was amazed because the amount of time and effort you guys put in to pull this off really was evident. Two hours of Tull! Well done!"

"You were amazing...fun, funny, sexy. I hadn’t had that much fun in a month of Sundays…. Uh well, actually, a couple of years worth of Sundays, Fridays too! It was just great to see your full range of talent on display. A tour de force!"

"Please pass along our immense kudos to Chris and team for an AMAZING evening!! I think Ian Anderson would be impressed and honored by Chris’ talents. Can’t wait for the next show!!"

“You know, I thought I didn’t even like Jethro Tull…my husband made me go with him…halfway through with my jaw on my lap I turned to him and said, “Who ARE these guys?” I’ve never been so impressed with ANY band, awesome musicianship all around and Chris is a phenomenon…and a consummate entertainer in the bargain. I’m a Minstrels and Tull fan, now!”